Beautiful Portrait Photography by Hannes Caspar

Hannes Caspar- Henriette

Portrait photography is not something we feature all that often on The Fox Is Black. I don’t know why that is. Perhaps it’s just that portraits don’t quite capture me quite like images of distant lands or pictures that tell stories. That said, I recently discovered the portrait photography of Berlin-based photographer Hannes Caspar and was instantly drawn in. His images do seem to tell stories. The faces he captures are filled with emotions, personalities and mystery and I absolutely love them.

Hannes Caspar

There’s an elegant intimacy in Caspar’s work. Every image seems to be bathed in a beautiful tender light, and no matter if shot in color or black-and-white, his images have gentle tones and perfect lighting. Caspar’s portraits feature actors, musicians and models, and there’s plenty more to be seen by visiting his website. Go check him out!

Hannes Caspar

Hannes Caspar - Canja Knauer

Hannes Caspar- Karoline Schuch