El Camino food truck branding by Savvy-Studio

Should you spend any time in Monterrey, Mexico, keep an eye out for El Camino, the community food truck. The black truck coated in white scrawlings would be hard to miss. Inspired by the kind of badassery that comes with biker boys and prison tattoos, the rolling vendor certainly makes a statement while serving up a mix of Texas-style burgers and vegetarian options. Savvy Studio, a design firm based out of Monterrey and Mexico City is responsible for El Camino’s branding. They wanted to convey an “Easy Rider” or “Born To Be Wild” Americana vibe through the use of taglines and claims. As tough as the truck looks, the phrasing creates a very approachable and quite intriguing feel.

Ricardo Ojeda of Savvy said that they wanted emulate the look of vintage American signage. The studio started with their own hand-drawn concepts before vectorizing them. They then collaborated with a local “rotulistas,” or a sign artist known for handmade wall ads featuring calligraphy found around Mexico called “rótulos.” After mocking up the vectors on the truck, the rotulista spent three days painting the truck. The mix of serif, slab serif and sprawling lettering gives the truck the personal feel of originality and exclusivity often only found in non-chain endeavors.

The rest of the branding Savvy put into the truck ties everything together in a neat little package. Every detail was covered, including matching aprons for the truck, BBQ sauce jars and food wrappers.

In addition to branding, Savvy has also done some brilliant architectural and interior design work making them a design powerhouse I hope so see more of. In particular, the work they did for the Gomez bar of Nuevo León, Mexico, is especially intricate and stunning. Savvy Studio is working on another food truck to be seen in Austin, Texas, an art gallery in London, and a gourmet shop in New York City.