Church of the Atom – Nanostyle Brewing from Sweden

Church of the Atom Brewery

There’s a local beer and liquor store here in Los Angeles called Cap N’ Cork Junior which has one of the best beer selections in the entire city. Browsing the aisles you can easily get lost in the rows and rows of imported and local beers, and finding coming across an interesting beer (read: one with a cool label) is one of my favorite past times.

Recently I came across a line of beers called Church of the Atom, the brainchild of a creative director and a master brewer. Based out of Gothernburg, Sweden, the “nanostyle” brewery focus on five main values to steer their creations: curiosity, insanity, progression, craft and humor.

When you look at their beers they have two things really going for them: interesting flavor combinations and beautiful label designs. Running through their site you’ll see flavors like sour pineapple, coriander, chipotle pepper, blackberry smoke, and lots more. Sadly, they don’t carry Church of the Atom at my local liquor store, and if they did, I’d probably drink them all.

Found through YMFY

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