Top Five From LAIY: Week Of 8.12

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 8.12 1

The City Sisters: An Interview With Karen Alweil, Barbara Bestor, & Sara Stein of SoLA
SoLA is the acronym for Sisters Of Los Angeles, a high design souvenir concept that has been sweeping the nation. It’s coming from retailer Karen Alweil, renowned architect Barbara Bestor, and marketing veteran Sara Stein. They make very beautiful, very good looking glassware, totes, iPad cases, pencils, and more. They’re doing some pretty great stuff: these ladies are definitely a bunch to watch.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 8.12 2

Inside AETHERsf
Local outdoorsman Aether have retail store—and it isn’t in Los Angeles. It’s actually up North in San Francisco, a city that has a lot more people focused on outdoor activity and in need of techy jackets. The store is located in Hayes Valley and is very unordinary: it’s made of three shipping freights stacked atop of each other and appearing as if it could fall over. It’s a remarkable, droolworthy space that is required visiting if you are in SF.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 8.12 3

A Bunch Of Good Looking Goodies From Baxter Of California
We recently got a little care package in the mail from Baxter Of California, the LA based mens grooming, haircare, and more product maker. They sent deodorant, lotion, pomade, candles, and so much more amazing items that we have yet to try from the brand. Because there was so much, we had to go through them all to share how each piece is so that you know exactly what to get from them when you stop in their shop or order anything online. They make some great stuff, men.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 8.12 4

Night Papers IV
Night Gallery is the hip, cool art gallery in LA right now. They make a periodical called Night Papers that they release every so often and it totally is this wild artsy newspaper that is absurdist as it is brilliant. It features both LA cool kid targeted ads and joke ads, poetry, interviews, and stories that all have an absurdist spin to them. This is one of the most creative, funnest reads we’ve encountered in a long time.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 8.12 5

YACHT’s “Party At The NSA”
What can you do about the NSA? You can get them to stop—and jam out in the process. YACHT wants to help you do that and have released a song called “Party At The NSA,” this post-modern surf rock jam that sells to benefit the Electronic Frontier Foundation. There’s also a wild guitar solo that is played by Marc Maron (?!?!?!). This song is totally a late Summer jam and fantastic. We have it on repeat today…

Oh! If you are interested and in California, LA Assemblyman Mike Gatto is trying to bring back retro license plates. It’s kind of a cool, minimalist option for plating that we *hop* actually becomes a reality. We did a little interview with him: check that out here.

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