Fonts of Instagram: Our 10 Favorite Type Obsessed Accounts


Foodagraphs, puppygrams and landscapes in Valencia, while interesting, are not the most inspiring images to clog your instagram with. Because boredom, creative block and habitual swipe scrolling will lead you there anyway, I’ve compiled a list of accounts that will fill your feed with double tap-worthy typographical inspiration.

Character Curators


1. @thedailytype hosts a wide variety of typographic posts featuring both hand-drawn lettering to digital type.  As the handle states they post daily and showcase work selected by the curator and submitted through email. The account promotes many different type designers.


2. @typespire started out as a student project but continues to provide type inspiration mainly through one-character wonder posts The account also pairs with a where users can sort images by letter, number or symbol.

Similar: @typeverything, @typedaily, @theartchives, @ampersandlove, @grahampersand

Found Type


3. @Type_vs_time showcases what’s left of corroded, weathered letters that have stood the test of time. Followers can participate in themed contests by using  #typevstime with their photos.


4. @Street_type is exactly what the handle implies. All type is found off the streets giving you not only a taste of beautiful lettering but also locations.

Similar: @michaelspitz, @lettergetter, @type_safari, @nyctype, @philsfonts

Impressive Prints


5. @Mamassauce is a bold letterpress/screen print company based out of Florida. They press their products with dark, strong colors and a lot of thick, sans-serifs.


6. @9thletterpress is the account of the charming 9th Letter Press, also based out of Florida. They are a softer contrast to Mama’s Sauce and their post show off their stationery products often marked with dainty type and lighter colors.

Similar: @freshoffthepress, @littlepeachco, @letterpresspdx



7. @Youbringfire belongs to designer and letterer Scott Biersack. Scott focuses on making type by hand, but not always with a pen and paper. He’s made what are essentially sculptures of hand-drawn style type with items like coffee grounds and nails. He’s even posted a video where he arranged matches to form the word ‘Destroy’ and lit it on fire.


8. @Scottdmartin is a designer you might recognize from, where you can buy some of his prints. He uses his account to showcase his latest work. Scott designs a vintage feel and many of his post resemble old-school signage.


9. @MartinaFlor is a designer based out of Berlin. Her letterwork is very intricate no matter if it’s flowy cursive or a sans-serif.

Similar:  @wscully, @marykatemcdevitt, @rob_brink@dougsterdesign, @heypenman, @christophercraig_, @adweav

Handwritten Happiness


10. @Dudebeawesome! Following this account is like cracking open a fortune cookie to find, not only a positive fortune, but a well-designed one too. Dude, Be Awesome! exists to deliver positive encouragement via handwritten type and eccentric doodles.

Similar: @Five_words@calligraphuck

*The photos used in this post were taken from the accounts with the corresponding numbers from the top photo. Because some of these accounts are curators and not designers, the typography shown may have been made by someone else.

August 14, 2013