This Week On LAIY: Week Of 8.5

This Week On LAIY Week Of 8.5 4

Sculpture, Painting, & Place: An Interview With Molly Larkey
Molly Larkey is a fantastic, fantastic artist. She started off as writer and then switched to sculpture and in the past few years has done some crazy sculptures. They are so super cool and we’re obsessed with her work. She’s so cool—and her work is so colorful, bright, and very “now.” We love her.

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Duc Kien’s Simple, Great, Fancy Jean Jackets
We’ve been on the hunt for a perfect jean jacket all Summer…and we’ve found them! They’re from LA designer Duc Kien who has started his fashion enterprise by making jean jackets. They are super structured and durable and perfect. We have two and are obsessed. If you want an affordable, good looking light jacket, this is for you.

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The Painted Face Of Martin Luther King Jr. In Los Angeles
Photographer Camilo Jose Vergara has been taking photos of paintings neighborhood artists have made of Martin Luther King Jr. across the country. It’s a combination of folk art and memorials that are absolutely great and represent communities voicing their points of view. It is a fascinating, brilliant body of work that we want everyone to take a look at: take a look at them!

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Wheel At The Getty Villa Keeps On Turning
The Getty Villa out in Malibu has a giant steel, multi-ton wheel in the middle of their outdoor theatre. What is it? It’s a giant set piece for an upcoming play. It looks like a weapon from Pacific Rim! It’s wild. It will also be super great to see how it is put into action during the show…

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Matthew Benkert’s Substantial Skies
Photographer Matthew Benkert is obsessed with the LA sunsets like many Angelenos are—but he’s tinting them into these neon, beautiful skies. The work is an experimental set of photographs that are quite great. We wish every sunset looked like this!!

Oh! If you are in LA, we want to start a storytelling series so we want to hear from you to tell us the where and when you’d like it to happen: find out about it here!

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