FAILE Are Far From Failing With New Piece For VNA


Riding off the success of Les Ballets De Faile, Brooklyn-based duo FAILE are fast on track to world domination. Last week, Very Nearly Almost (VNA), a popular street art magazine, celebrated the release of their 23rd issue with a launch party in NYC’s Lower East Side establishment, Reed Space. The issue features extensive coverage of FAILE’s work. In commemoration, FAILE hand silk-screened a limited edition design onto a series of VNA covers.


FAILE took the street art scene by storm when they brought to the table a trademark style of appropriation and collage. A style that has since been transferred from urban streets to an array of media (wooden boxes, canvas, print, sculptures, and even prayer wheels). Now, having grown into a collective, the majority of the team’s work is produced in their Brooklyn studio. Inspired by the city, their pieces offer a commentary on consumerism and pop-culture, often achieved by mixing grime and glamor. If New York City were a painting, it would be a FAILE.



Patrick Miller, one half of FAILE, stopped by the event. He’s a super friendly guy who has managed to stay humble given FAILE’s commercial and institutional success. Miller said the team has been hard at work, having most recently completed a massive mural in Vienna, Austria (pictured below). I walked away with the impression that there’ll be much more FAILE work to enjoy throughout the remaining half of the year.



The event was a blast (much to the aid of free beer; thanks VNA!) and I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of the covers. The series is an edition of 200, it’s classic and simple, a testament to the technique that Faile have spent the past years perfecting. For our London based readers, VNA will be throwing the UK launch party August 8th. For the event, 75 copies of the limited edition magazines will be on sale. The remaining 50 will be sold online.








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