Top Five From LAIY: Week Of 7.29

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 7.29 1

Creating Community Through Craft: An Interview With Karen Kimmel
Karen Kimmel is kind of like machine. She’s one of those people who has evolved into more than just her: she’s become a lifestyle. The Artistic Director and artist does everything from guide the look of brands like Splendid to conduct her own creative retreats for families. She also has an amazing eye for visuals, which make her office a pastel pretty delight. Some great photos are in this story, guys.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 7.29 2

Katin Wants You To Great Ready To Surf
Southern Californian surf brand Katin is responsible for making surf culture. That is a fact! They’re the closest thing we have out West to a heritage brand and we recently got our hands on lots of rad ready-to-wear surf clothes. They range from tropical patterned hats to tailored swim shorts to a pineapple printed oxford. Lots of good stuff here!

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 7.29 3

Curating Alt-Radio In Los Angeles
We like to listen to the radio a lot. iPhones are great to play music but it’s always great to hear from other locals on what is going on and what they are into—and there are a lot of people doing this in LA. To help everyone (in LA and beyond) find new music and voices, we wanted to share a little list of alt-radio stations we think you should check out

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 7.29 4.1

The Fruit Hunters
The Fruit Hunters is a wild documentary that seeks to share with you the importance and culture of fruit in addition to how weird and smart these food items can. It’s a very well made, artsy film that also randomly has Bill Pullman in it as a sort of Hollywood fruit guru. It’s an excellent watch and available now on iTunes.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 7.29 4

Zola Jesus’ “Diamonds”
We are late to this party: Zola Jesus covered Rihanna’s “Diamonds.” While this is usually not something we’d break news on, what is incredible is that Zola actually sounds a shit ton like RiRi and basically threw the dice at her, telling her to top that. It’s a super great, alternative to the hit song. We highly recommend it.

Oh! If you are out in Santa Monica, there’s a fabulous new Apple store that is the barn-y cousin of the NYC glass box store. It’s pretty wild. Get some Spanish food while you’re over there, too.

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