Kelsey Brookes, LSD and Painting

Inside Kelsey Brookes' Studio Practice 2

Inside Kelsey Brookes' Studio Practice 1

It’s pretty well known that Kelsey Brookes has a background in science. The San Diego based artist has really started to come into his own, pushing his aesthetic and artistic limits to new levels by throwing himself curveballs making “things that he enjoys seeing.” What does he enjoy seeing? LSD molecules blown up to giant sizes and recreated in crazy, crazy colors that look a bit like you dropped a pebble into a neon rainbow puddle, an effect that he describes as being akin to “taking LSD while looking through an electron microscope at LSD.” Since TFIB has a bit of a subtle drug theme today, it’s only fitting that we share a video of Kelsey making his high-end drug inspired work.

The film is made by Like Knows Like and follows Kelsey as he makes these crazy duggie works. A lot of the pieces are painted very meticulously with a fine pointed brush while others are made through a printing process, which you get to see in the video too. Kelsey is obviously super smart and he totally comes across as this genius, surfer, laissez faire art philosopher who is just doing what makes him happy and, thankfully, it’s working out for everyone.

If you’ve been curious what goes into his making, this video will answer all of those questions for you. Catch it below and catch more of his art here and here.

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