Jon Bland Brings An Artistic Bend To Flyposting


Throughout 2013, designer Jon Bland has been posting seven posters by seven different creatives, all featuring the phrase “No Fly Posters,” onto an abandoned Manchester Pub. Submissions have ranged from friends and family to (most recently) high-profile creatives such as Anthony Burrill, James Joyce, and Pascal Anson. No Fly Posters is a visually diverse project that leaves me enamored.

For those of you scratching your heads wondering “what has Bland got against flies,” flyposting is a guerrilla marketing tactic. The American equivalent is “Post No Bills.”  Bland found the fly posters amusing during his daily commute, “the idea of replacing them quickly escalated in my head.” In January of this year, he did just that. Since then the project has grown, allowing Bland to swap the posters monthly.


Now, I’m a sucker for public displays of art. I really enjoy this because Bland has taken a form of advertising and turned it upside down, creating an open gallery in the public domain. It has me begging the question: what other mundane everyday occurrences can we artistically transform?

If you find yourself as intrigued as I am, Bland says he’s always open to submissions. Or, if you’re satisfied admiring, the next series is scheduled for early August. Bland also has plans to release a No Fly Posters book and exhibition towards the end of the year.




Images (from top, left to right): posters by Mike Perry, Pascal Anson, Hey Studio, Anthony Burrill, Studio Moross, Jack Featherstone, and James Joyce.

August 1, 2013 / By