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Top Five From LAIY: Week Of 7.15

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 7.15 1

Film As An Art Industry: An Interview With Hadrian Belove of Cinefamily
Cinefamily is a Los Angeles gem, this resource and hub for all things film. They celebrate the mainstream, the underground, the proper, and the odd all under the roof of an old silent movie theatre. They appreciate film for their artistry and–surprisingly–are the only LA institution doing this. How?! We are a town dedicated to film! Anyway, we spoke with one of the Cinefamily co-founders Hadrian Belove about the non-profit and to get an idea of what they bring to LA.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 7.15 2

Inez & Vindooh At Gagosian Gallery
It’s easy to call photographic duo Inez & Vindooh celebrity photographers. They shoot a lot of well known people, yes, but their passion is showing the unexpected and really making you rethink preconceived notions of beauty, gender, and even portraiture itself. Their work is recently on view at the Gagosian in Beverly Hills and features some of their best work with celebrities and a new crop of wild flower portraits.

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The Illustrated Recipes of Lucy Eldridge

Lucy Eldridge's Illustrated Recipe for Scrambled Eggs, Watercress and Smoked Salmon

Back when I was a kid I had a recipe book full of illustrations. It was a fantastic read, filled with fun pictures and great simple recipes. There must be something special about illustrated recipes as I still turn to that book today; always trying to measure out my ingredients just like the ones in the illustrations and dreaming of one day making perfect cartoon profiteroles. It’s perhaps because of this book that I often wonder why we rarely get to see illustrated recipes. Illustrators are so good at drawing food but we never really get to see them used in recipe books. Fortunately the Brighton-based illustrator Lucy Eldridge has a personal project where she’s painted some of her favorite recipes and they look delicious!

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‘Moving’: A Stunning Music Film for Travis by Wriggles & Robins

'Moving' by Travis directed by Wriggles & Robins

It should be noted that we are fans of the directing duo Wriggles and Robins, aka Tom Wrigglesworth and Matt Robinson. Bobby first posted about Wrigglesworth’s (with Mathiew Cuvelier) short film, Le Mer de Pianos, back in 2011, and we’ve all continued to anticipate new work ever since. Thus, when W&R’s latest piece of cinematic magic hit our inboxes, we were gleefully flabbergasted as it involved projected animation, warm breath, and the band Travis—not exactly a combination you can easily visualize—and the results are absolutely stunning. We spoke to the duo to find out more.

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Long Live The Kings – A Short Documentary About Motorcycles and the Open-Road

Three Knights - Long Live The Kings by Donald van der Putten @ Hysteric Studios

Long Live The Kings is a film and photographic project by SAGS (aka: Clement Beauvais and Arthur de Kersauson). Shot exclusively on film, it’s a celebration of motorcycles, good company and the open-road. Featuring a short documentary shot solely on super 16mm, the video was filmed during a road trip around the French Pyrénnées.

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Prismatic Sculpture by Phillip Low

Phillip Low sculptures

Phillip Low acrylic sculpture

I remember first encountering prisms in my youth. There was something about the refraction of light and ability to make rainbows dance along the walls that made a seemingly simple object magical. Prismatic shapes continue to be a source of inspiration for artists, but it’s rare to see actual prisms rendered so beautifully as those created by Phillip Low. Constructed out of Perspex and acrylic, their bold color and geometric shapes exist as rainbows of light within themselves.

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Incredible Urban Paintings by John Dubrow

John Dubrow - Bleecker Playground, 2008—13, oil on linen, 57 x 72 in

John Dubrow - Church and Reade, 2012—13, oil on linen, 42 x 50 in

When I went to art college one of the big topics of conversation was ‘Is painting dead?’. Personally I felt that it was a rather dull debate. Yes, the relevance of painting may have changed in recent decades, but as a medium it’s still incredibly strong and I feel that there will always be both artists and audiences who will be attracted to it as an art-form.

For me John Dubrow’s work is a reminder of the vitality and energy that still exists in the world of painting. It’s hard to look at his work and not feel that painting is still very much alive and important.

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Collaged Worlds by Natalie Nicklin

Natalie Nicklin collage

From found images to layered spheres and pyramids, artist Natalie Nicklin creates otherworldly escapes through her graphic design. Though her clients range from New Scientist to Urban Outfitters, her work recalls pop culture moments from another dimension. And while she hints at the retro and nods towards the whimsical, there’s something entirely modern about her vision.

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XXYYXX Spins Up A New Summer Mix for Fader and MoMA PS1

XXYYXX Spins Up A New Summer Mix for Fader and MoMA PS1

I was cruising around Soundcloud this morning when I came across this amazing summer mix by XXYYXX, aka Marcel Everett. Crafted as a part of a collaboration between The Fader magazine and MoMA PS1, the mix hits all the right notes for me, journeying between beat heavy electronic jams, hushed, atmospheric verses and tweaked out classic rap. A pretty good sampling of everything and a great mix for headphones or for everyone in your studio.

Tracklist under the jump.

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Volga Beer Branding by Jon Contino

Volga Beer Branding by Jon Contino

Volga Beer Branding by Jon Contino

As always, New York based illustrator and designer Jon Contino doesn’t fail to impress. This morning he released a new project he did with Volga Beer, showcasing slick, clean labels with gritty drawings of some tough looking animals. I really love the way the gold foil was treated, it definitely makes the beer look even more enticing.

You can see more images of the project by clicking here.

Barrow Cabins: Hunting Cabins in Alaska by Eirik Johnson

Barrow Cabins by Eirik Johnson 1a

Barrow Cabins by Eirik Johnson 1b

Barrow Cabins is the name of a collection of photographs by the Seattle-based photographer and mixed-media artist Eirik Johnson. Presented as a series of diptychs, the images show summer and winter views of small hunting cabins built by the Iñupiat inhabitants of Barrow, Alaska. Located just 320 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Barrow is a mere 1300 miles south of the North Pole and is the largest city of the North Slope Borough.

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