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The Surreal 3D World of Maiko Gubler

About Making Architecture illustration by Maiko Gubler

The work of Maiko Gubler is awesome. I know that sounds like a cliche word to use in a serious post about a serious artist, but if awesome is about being in awe of something that is inspiring, terrific, and extraordinary, then that’s what Gubler’s artwork is to me. Based in Berlin, Gubler is both a visual artist and an art director who sculpts textural pieces using virtual 3D technology. The results are counfounding.

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Hyper-real, Minimalist Food Photography by Bobby Doherty

Bobby Doherty

Bobby Doherty

Brooklyn-based Photographer Bobby Doherty makes powerfully stylized images out of ordinary, familiar objects. His distinctive approach to photography creates images that are almost hyperreal: photos that look like paintings of photos. This makes sense as his studio photography work involves some level of digital manipulation and a tendency toward turning objects into patterns and textures through arrangement and composition.

Bobby Doherty

There’s a wonderful graphic sensibility throughout these images that is rooted in bright, flat colors and an emphasis on the material, tactile quality of their subjects. Even his more casual-looking shots have a restrained and detached sense about them. He manages to make a pile of garbage look as engaging as an arrangement of donuts. I love the way his images bring beauty to the mundane. Check out more of his work here.

Bobby Doherty

Bobby Doherty

Bobby Doherty

Bobby Doherty






The spazzed out illustrations of Jiro Bevis

Jiro Bevis

Jiro Bevis is a London based illustrator who’s work caught my eye in the craziest way possible. There’s a lot of influences shining through – old video games, pop art, 70’s hippie illustrations. But when you spin it all together you get pieces that are both great looking which are also just downright funny.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Jiro you should check out his interview over The Selby, plus you can click on the jump below to see more great pieces of his work.

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“Full Circle” by Half Moon Run

Half Moon Run

Been listening to this track from Half Moon Run for a few weeks now, it’s a pretty solid summer jam. If you’re unfamiliar with HMR they’re a young Canadian trio with a dozen or songs under their belt but a whole lot of potential. They’re currently on tour in Europe and I’d recommend checking them out if you can.

A Persistent System: A New Video Showcasing Vitsœ’s Timeless Design

Vitsoe shelving system

“Living better, with less, that lasts longer.” These are the words of Mark Adams used to reiterate the ethos of Vitsœ, the enduring design company of which he is managing director. We continue to applaud—and desperately covet—the classic designs envisioned by industrial designer Dieter Rams which inspired the conception of the company founded by Niels Vitsœ and Otto Zapf. Not only are they representative of good design (as in the tenets of his design principles which cite that products be innovative, useful, unobtrusive, and long-lasting), they continue to be of use to us in the 21st century.

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Sean Pecknold delivers some good advice in ‘Like A Lunatic’

Like A Lunatic by Sean Pecknold

Inspired by a bowl of cereal and the ’99 classic Wear Sunscreen, Like A Lunatic is a delightful little video packed with great nuggets of advice and fantastic narration. Created by TFIB favorite Sean Pecknold, it was made over a weekend with the help of Alina Hardin and Matt Daniels and combines a number of playful animations. There’s little else I can add other then to tell you to check out the video and try your best to follow the advice, who knows, it might just help you!

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Top Five From LAIY: Week Of 7.15

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 7.15 1

Film As An Art Industry: An Interview With Hadrian Belove of Cinefamily
Cinefamily is a Los Angeles gem, this resource and hub for all things film. They celebrate the mainstream, the underground, the proper, and the odd all under the roof of an old silent movie theatre. They appreciate film for their artistry and–surprisingly–are the only LA institution doing this. How?! We are a town dedicated to film! Anyway, we spoke with one of the Cinefamily co-founders Hadrian Belove about the non-profit and to get an idea of what they bring to LA.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 7.15 2

Inez & Vindooh At Gagosian Gallery
It’s easy to call photographic duo Inez & Vindooh celebrity photographers. They shoot a lot of well known people, yes, but their passion is showing the unexpected and really making you rethink preconceived notions of beauty, gender, and even portraiture itself. Their work is recently on view at the Gagosian in Beverly Hills and features some of their best work with celebrities and a new crop of wild flower portraits.

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The Illustrated Recipes of Lucy Eldridge

Lucy Eldridge's Illustrated Recipe for Scrambled Eggs, Watercress and Smoked Salmon

Back when I was a kid I had a recipe book full of illustrations. It was a fantastic read, filled with fun pictures and great simple recipes. There must be something special about illustrated recipes as I still turn to that book today; always trying to measure out my ingredients just like the ones in the illustrations and dreaming of one day making perfect cartoon profiteroles. It’s perhaps because of this book that I often wonder why we rarely get to see illustrated recipes. Illustrators are so good at drawing food but we never really get to see them used in recipe books. Fortunately the Brighton-based illustrator Lucy Eldridge has a personal project where she’s painted some of her favorite recipes and they look delicious!

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