Type with a sense of place by Tyler Thorney

Tyler Thorney Prints

Having just moved away from Missoula, Montana I am really missing the Northwest. But the letter-work from designer Tyler Thorney’s portfolio takes me back to the mystic mountains of my former home so quickly. Thorney’s hand sketched type compliments its surroundings rather than standing out starkly. Even when he overlays images with type, they could both stand alone yet they work together without conflicting.

Thorney runs his design studio, One Ten and One Third, out of Kalispell, Montana, and if you’ve ever been there or similar places in the natural Northwest, you can feel the mood of the area in his work. The same carries through as the photographs the type sits on (shot by varying photographers) change landscape. Thorney’s style is clear and consistent but it also adapts as his work moves from mountains and lakes to deserts and oceans.


After making the move to the Northwest from Orange County, California four years ago, Thorney said the style, culture and unexplainable, rugged beauty of the region began to influence most of what he makes. Thorney started lettering in his free time and has only been at it for six months but his ability to balance letters off one another hides his lack of experience. He molds his type into shapes cleanly and without make it looked forced. The letters move organically, like the wind have blown them that way. Thorney combines his typography with his illustrations to make interesting, almost tattoo-style prints.

By posting his hand drawn illustrations on his Instagram account, @TylerThorney, he’s gained a following and a client base. Thorney’s Northwest is Best bear print is available for preorder here. He is also in the text overlay app, Over. He designed a set of nautical icons that can be purchased through the app for $0.99.






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