Pillow, A Comfortable Place for Your iPhone To Rest

Snarkitecture iPhone Pillow

Snarkitecture is the brainchild of Alex Mustonen and Daniel Arsham, a pair of designers who tread the line between art, architecture and product design. Recently they released a new product called Pillow, the perfect resting place for your over-worked iPhone.

Snarkitecture iPhone Pillow

Pillow creates an identifiable place for your phone, whether on an entry table when you return home, on a bedside table at night, or on a desk at work. A small niche on the underside of the object also holds a charging cable in place.

It’s hard to tell, but the Pillow is actually made from white gypsum concrete, so your phone is actually pretty well protected. I love the wit and humor to a product like this. It’s not necessary, but it would certainly be great to have on your nightstand or even on you desk at work.

Snarkitecture iPhone Pillow

Bobby Solomon

July 29, 2013 / By