The Surreal 3D World of Maiko Gubler

About Making Architecture illustration by Maiko Gubler

The work of Maiko Gubler is awesome. I know that sounds like a cliche word to use in a serious post about a serious artist, but if awesome is about being in awe of something that is inspiring, terrific, and extraordinary, then that’s what Gubler’s artwork is to me. Based in Berlin, Gubler is both a visual artist and an art director who sculpts textural pieces using virtual 3D technology. The results are counfounding.

Playing on the idea of merging handmade crafts with 3D imagery, her work is sculptural and hard to determine whether it’s a real physical object or not. Her “Gradient Bangles” series is billed as “wearable objects” but they are also listed as being rendered as a 3D print. (Are they or aren’t they actually bangle bracelets?)  Her “Art Making Architecture” series appear to be geometric chrome sculptures that are melting atop white tiles. But in actuality, they’re editorial illustrations. Gubler is so adept at merging the real and the virtual, that you wish her renderings were real. Personally, I’d love a half-matte, half-marble raven to come to life.

Maiko Gubler bangle

Oracle by Maiko Gubler

Still Live With Marble Raven by Maiko Gubler

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