A Persistent System: A New Video Showcasing Vitsœ’s Timeless Design

Vitsoe shelving system

“Living better, with less, that lasts longer.” These are the words of Mark Adams used to reiterate the ethos of Vitsœ, the enduring design company of which he is managing director. We continue to applaud—and desperately covet—the classic designs envisioned by industrial designer Dieter Rams which inspired the conception of the company founded by Niels Vitsœ and Otto Zapf. Not only are they representative of good design (as in the tenets of his design principles which cite that products be innovative, useful, unobtrusive, and long-lasting), they continue to be of use to us in the 21st century.

Adams recently elaborated on the single-minded persistence that went in to both the realization and continuous creation of Vitsœ’s 606 Universal Shelving System in a video entitled “Persistent System”. It’s enlightening to see how a shelving system designed so many years ago can still look modern and function in any type of space simply by being beautifully designed. What’s more, the company believes in the power of humans over machines and still hand-builds each unit sold to order. There’s a reason why their online comments includes an “…about love” section marked by a small, red heart. Check out the video below.