‘Moving’: A Stunning Music Film for Travis by Wriggles & Robins

'Moving' by Travis directed by Wriggles & Robins

It should be noted that we are fans of the directing duo Wriggles and Robins, aka Tom Wrigglesworth and Matt Robinson. Bobby first posted about Wrigglesworth’s (with Mathiew Cuvelier) short film, Le Mer de Pianos, back in 2011, and we’ve all continued to anticipate new work ever since. Thus, when W&R’s latest piece of cinematic magic hit our inboxes, we were gleefully flabbergasted as it involved projected animation, warm breath, and the band Travis—not exactly a combination you can easily visualize—and the results are absolutely stunning. We spoke to the duo to find out more.

The film’s primary purpose is as a music film to introduce Travis’s upcoming album Where You Stand (out on August 19th), and it showcases the single “Moving”. Using the band’s warm breath in a freezing cold warehouse along with projected animation, you watch swimmers, sharks, ships, and whales tumble forth from each band member’s mouth. It’s a technique Wriggles & Robins came up with on a cold morning last year. “We weren’t sure whether it would actually work,” they said.  “So that evening we took a home projector out into the garden and to our surprise, if you filmed it from the right angle, the image actually showed up really vividly.”

It was all shot in-camera with no post-production involved. They just made sure it was cold enough to allow for back-projected animation to be seen within the visible breath. It’s a simple yet inspiring effect, especially watching a ghostly runner tear through the air or a whale attempt to swim inside an open mouth. Wiggles & Robins explain: “The animation of the little character running was inspired directly from the track’s name and the the journey in the lyrics. Because of the nature of the technique, (it’s rather hit and miss) we needed to have a story simple enough that we can capture it in sections, then keep the best bits or even rearrange the story if need be.”

Check out the film below and a making-of video here.

'Moving' by Travis directed by Wriggles & Robins

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