Prismatic Sculpture by Phillip Low

Phillip Low sculptures

Phillip Low acrylic sculpture

I remember first encountering prisms in my youth. There was something about the refraction of light and ability to make rainbows dance along the walls that made a seemingly simple object magical. Prismatic shapes continue to be a source of inspiration for artists, but it’s rare to see actual prisms rendered so beautifully as those created by Phillip Low. Constructed out of Perspex and acrylic, their bold color and geometric shapes exist as rainbows of light within themselves.

A former student at St. Martin’s School of Art, Low’s work goes beyond the visual. The surfaces alternate between smooth and coarse to give a tactile dimension to the work too. Though rendered as art, they exist as design objects that beg contemplation on a tabletop or bare shelf. ┬áHaving such captivating color palettes allows them to stand alone without the presence of light, but I’m sure a bit of sunshine only heightens their appeal. Low’s latest pieces are currently available at New York design store Matter.

Phillip Low acrylic sculpture

Phillip Low acrylic sculpture

Andi Teran

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