Incredible Urban Paintings by John Dubrow

John Dubrow - Bleecker Playground, 2008—13, oil on linen, 57 x 72 in

John Dubrow - Church and Reade, 2012—13, oil on linen, 42 x 50 in

When I went to art college one of the big topics of conversation was ‘Is painting dead?’. Personally I felt that it was a rather dull debate. Yes, the relevance of painting may have changed in recent decades, but as a medium it’s still incredibly strong and I feel that there will always be both artists and audiences who will be attracted to it as an art-form.

For me John Dubrow’s work is a reminder of the vitality and energy that still exists in the world of painting. It’s hard to look at his work and not feel that painting is still very much alive and important.

John Dubrow - Sheinkin Street, Tel Aviv, 2000, oil on linen, 68 x 74 in

Dubrow seems to be a painter’s painter. A man who can capture an urban space in all its splendor by simply putting oil to canvas. His solid chunks of color applied impasto with a palette knife render people, places and moods perfectly. Inspired by the city and typically formed over prolonged engagements, Dubrow’s work is well worth checking out. I love it!

You can see more work by visiting his site here.

John Dubrow - Standing Playground, Early Summer, 2012-13, Oil on linen, 72" x 60"

John Dubrow - Winter Playground, 2011-13, Oil on linen, 46" x 58"

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