XXYYXX Spins Up A New Summer Mix for Fader and MoMA PS1

XXYYXX Spins Up A New Summer Mix for Fader and MoMA PS1

I was cruising around Soundcloud this morning when I came across this amazing summer mix by XXYYXX, aka Marcel Everett. Crafted as a part of a collaboration between The Fader magazine and MoMA PS1, the mix hits all the right notes for me, journeying between beat heavy electronic jams, hushed, atmospheric verses and tweaked out classic rap. A pretty good sampling of everything and a great mix for headphones or for everyone in your studio.

Tracklist under the jump.

Emil Viklický – “Kv?ten”
YYU – “(((*~*~ under that”
Queen Leaf ft. Low Leaf – “Full Circles”
C.Z. – “Lovin’ Your Smile”
Jlin – “Erotic Heat”
Ellen Allien + Apparat – “Edison”
Floating Points – “Vacuum Boogie”
Janet Jackson ft. Nelly – “Call on Me” (Disclosure Bootleg)
DJ Bigga G – “Mind, Body, & Soul” (4×4 Mix)
Holly Herndon – “Movement”
Blvck Lite – “Do U Think of Me”
The Notorious B.I.G. ft. Nelly & Jagged Edge – “Nasty Girl”
??? – “01110100 01110010 01110101 01110100 0110100”
Lapalux ft. Kerry Leatham – “O E A” (Tape Outro)
Fortune Howl – “Interzone Export”
Thundercat – “Without You”
Hanna – “I Needed”
Groove Chronicles – “Stone Cold”
Theodor Zox – “Temp.Light”
C.Z. – “Doin What I Do”
Pomrad – “Cookies’n Fish”
Zoo Kid – “Baby Blue”
XXYYXX – “?????????”

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