DJ Shadow twists up Machinedrum’s “Eyesdontlie”

machinedrum eyesdontlie

Machinedrum’s music has been around for a minute now. Experimenting in glitch and beat music for the past ten years, the dude enjoys coming in from a different angle with each record. Vapor City is his latest project. Based around an imaginary city, each track represents a different district. This first single, “Eyesdontlie,” continues his tradition of hypnotic and heavy beats.

Yet nothing like a remix to make it fly.

I feel I would be lying if I said I generally don’t like DJ Shadow remixes. But, genuinely, I cannot think of an official remix of his that I enjoy more than this one. The beat pulses into a high-hat riding drum beat until that proverbial drop. Which, in this case, is hot as hell. A trademark scratch solo smooths out the ride, the beat fading away into a mellow groove before escalating into a head bobbing beat. This is fun, technical, and well planned music at its finest. The single comes out on July 29th. On some beautiful red vinyl. Pick it up.