Bote: Beautiful Toy Boats by BIG-GAME for Materia

BOTE by Big Game and Materia

I might not have the best sea-legs but I’m a big fan of boats. From old nautical paintings to ships in bottles, I’ve realized recently that there’s something about boats that I just love. Perhaps that’s the reason I really love Bote, a series of playful floating boats made from cork and plastic. Released in 2011, they’re the collaborative work of the Swiss-based design studio BIG-GAME and the Portuguese company Materia. Featuring a sailboat, a yacht and a cruise liner, they’re bound to make any kids bath-time fun!

BOTE 2 by Big Game and Materia

Composed of a cork hull (for extra buoyancy) and featuring a series of plastic add-on pieces (a sail, a row of engine chimneys or a cabin), these boats are beautiful minimal objects as much as they are fun toys. You can contact Materia to learn more and see if they’re available for purchase. More work from Materia can be viewed here, while BIG-GAME website is here.

Sailboat by Big Game and Materia

Cruise Liner by Big Game and Materia

Yacht by Big Game and Materia

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