Optical Worlds by Matthew Craven

Statue by Matthew Craven

Matthew Craven Ancient Pleasures

Ancient structures within labyrinths, tessellating totems, and faceless generals—these are the landscapes created by Matthew Craven. A recent graduate of New York’s School of Visual Arts, he renders mixed media optical illusions that are as bold as they are perplexing. With an emphasis on black and white patterns and natural shapes, Craven’s work recalls the past while capturing a completely modern aesthetic.

I recently came upon his work through the DCKT Contemporary Gallery in New York, which is hosting Acid Summer, a group show curated by Craven launching this week. Interested to find out more about the person who culled an impressive array of 14 artists for the show, I was astonished to find his impressive range of work, which encompasses collage, precision painting, and arresting totemistic imagery. His repeated patterns and recurring motifs bring to mind surrealism, psychedelic paintings, and optical illusions. I’m hoping this post will encourage him to someday make prints available.

Life Totem by Matthew Craven

Matthew Craven

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