Japanese Sounds Come Alive in Takashi Ohashi’s ‘Koukou’

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Takashi Ohashi is a motion designer based in Japan. His video Koukou is a visual work that explores the relationship between picture and sound by synchronizing an abstract animation with a song comprising of unique sounds taken from the Japanese language. It’s a fascinating exploration and one which really needs to be seen to be understood.

Comprising seven parts, the work’s soundtrack – by Yuri Habuka – is strange, playful and often beautiful. Never using full words, it instead focuses on the syllabic sounds, creating something quite unlike anything I’ve heard before. Strongly inspired by Norman McLaren (his 1955 piece Blinkity Blank springs to mind), Ohashi’s piece feels as much like a progression of McLaren’s work as it does a tribute.

You can see a fascinating collection of gifs that give you a look at the sounds and shapes that make up the piece here. You can also see more of Ohashi’s work here.

Takashi Ohashi 'Kou Koue'

Takashi Ohashi 'Kou Koue'

Takashi Ohashi 'Kou Koue'

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