‘Random Access Memories Memories’, A Daft Punk Reinterpretation by Nicolas Jaar

Random Access Memories Memories by Nicolas Jaar

It’s probably not a popular opinion, but I’d say that Daft Punk’s Random Access Memory was the most overhyped album of the year. Granted, it was leaps and bounds better than Human After All but was nowhere near the astonishing work of Discovery or the raw, gritty feeling of Homework. To me, this album illustrated that perhaps they’ve grown too human, losing their robotic nature that made their music special in the first place.

But I might not be alone in my opinion. Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington have teamed up previously under the moniker Darkside, and now they paired up to dissect and recreate RAM under the name Daftside, turning the record into something much more robotic.

Overall what Jaar and Harrington have managed to do is turn RAM into something much darker, more robotical. In certain parts the album feels like a Homework-esque homage, with lo-fi vocals and deep bass notes. Lost is the glossy over-produced nature of the original album, replaced by 52 minutes of messed up, glitched out music that feels truer to the roots of Daft Punk.