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“The Load” by Barbarossa

I was listening to some random French radio station the other day when I heard this song by Barbarossa, the name under which James Mathé records music. The track is a lush, organ filled encounter, and Barabrossa’s voice smoothly brings the whole thing together, floating above the steady drum beat.

Barbarossa - Memphis Records

Moebius for Hermès – ‘Voyage d’Hermes’

Back in 2011, Jean Giraud, better known as Moebius, was commissioned by Hermès to create nine illustrations for a campaign called Voyage d’Hermès. The work is unabashedly Moebius with basically no products of any sort making a cameo in the pieces. You can snag super hi-res versions of these for your own enjoyment by clicking here.

Moebius for Hermés - 'Voyage d’Hermes'

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The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Studio Elastik

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Studio Elastik

Studio Elastik

It’s been a little while since there’s been a wallpaper on the site, sorry about that. Starting with this week things will be getting back to normal with wallpapers being featured each Wednesday. As for today, we have a really mellow wallpaper from Vienna based designer Constantin Demner, who’s a part of Studio Elastik. He created this wallpaper at the tail end of a trip to a Greek island, which definitely comes across in the type and cute sun and cloud illustration.

Be sure to check back every Wednesday for a new wallpaper!

Thom Yorke Interviewed by Daniel Craig for Interview Magazine

Recently, actor Daniel Craig interviewed Radiohead/Atoms For Peace frontman Thom Yorke for Interview Magazine. It’s honestly them shooting the shit for about 5 pages but I liked hearing Yorke speak about Radiohead’s use of computers in their music making over the years. Kind of a love-hate-love experience. There are also some great photos by Craig McDean which accompany the article.

Thom Yorke Photo by Craig McDean

CRAIG: How did you get interested in the whole aspect of things? Were you into computers as a kid?

YORKE: Well, I came to the electronic stuff late because our band really was in the wave of rejecting a lot of it. When we were starting in ’91, ’92, there were some interesting things happening in Britain with electronic music—Warp Records was putting out some crazy shit. But a lot of the exciting things that were happening at the time were guitar music, and as band, that’s where we went. So we came back to the computer stuff later on. There was this interesting thing when we started out as a band where you had to go to a studio, so you were presented with a producer and an audience on the other side of the glass, and they called you and said, “Can you do that bit again? Can you try a different guitar?” And I always found that a bit weird because I felt that I should be with those people, in their room, doing that bit.

CRAIG: Not that you were trying to control the situation at all …

YORKE: No. It was just like, “Who the hell are you?” [both laugh] And then computers got to a point where you could just record directly into them. So when that happened, funny enough, I thought, Right, I’m going to learn how to do this because then I can understand that part. And luckily, we were working with our friend Nigel [Godrich], with whom we still work, and he was really into the idea that the areas were blurred. You know, as musicians we’re quite technical as well—especially Jonny and Colin [Greenwood]. I think Jonny actually learned how to program in C language along with my brother when he was, like, 12. I remember walking from my brother’s room in the morning and he was reading a book on how to program machine code. It was insane. That’s the kind of school we went to. I remember that the kids in school were freaking out when they could make the computer print the word “pee” or something.

See the rest of Craig McDean’s photos under the jump.

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Marta Monteiro Illustrates A Lilliputian World Dominated By Women

Marta Monteiro illustration

Marta Monteiro illustration

Marta Monteiro is a Portugal based illustrator who has an amazing series of images called Little People which I’m currently rather fond of. She describes the series as an “ongoing illustration project where lilliputian female are the main characters,” and the situations she’s created are both beautiful and pretty funny.

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Wish List: Exploring the hopes and wishes of a motley few

Wish List by Scoff & Gritt

Wish List is a quirky animation from Scoff & Gritt (aka filmmaker Andrew ‘Griff’ Griffin and illustrator Scott Garrett). The short asks a motley crew of misfits what they would want if they could have just one wish granted and the resulting answers are both hilarious and heart-warming. Based on Garrett’s series of illustrations of the same name, the short is wonderfully written, excellently voiced and brilliantly animated. You can check it out below. (Warning: contains cartoon nudity!)

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108 Years of Herman Miller in 108 Seconds

108 Years of Herman Miller in 108 Seconds

American furniture manufacturers Herman Miller turns 108 this year, so in honor they’re going back to their roots with a new campaign, exploring the why’s behind Herman Miller.

At Herman Miller we think, learn, and communicate through design. It is the language with which we share new ideas and address the problems people face. Before we decide what we do and how we do it, we must first ask “why?” It is in this spirit of inquiry that we approach the stories we tell on WHY. For us, design is never just about a finished product. It is a narrative that extends from the designer’s vision to the people it touches and places it transforms. With WHY, we invite you to discover why we do what we do at Herman Miller.

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Portfolio Update: Liz Meyer

New York based designer and illustrator Liz Meyer introduced a new portfolio site today with some really great work. One of my favorite pieces is the poster below titled Capable, which she made for Help Ink, a collaborative project which sells art to help charities. She’s also got a bunch of beautiful infographics which are definitely worth a peek as well.

Liz Meyer - Help Ink Poster