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Andy Warhol Goes to China

Andy Warhol in China, 1982

It was to be a “disco trip” to Hong Kong. The year was 1982, and 54-year-old pop artist and international art star Andy Warhol was visiting China for the first time. Invited over to Hong Kong by a young industrialist, he brought along a small entourage, including photographer Christopher Makos, who documented Warhol’s journey to Beijing, Tianamen Square, and the Great Wall. Though rarely seen—unless you have a copy of Makos’s book—the photos are currently exhibiting in Shanghai.

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Beautiful Floral Illustrations by Sarah Abbott

Sarah Abbott - Brave and Kind

Sarah Abbott is a talented artist and illustrator from Sheffield in England. Her style is simple, clean and incredibly pretty and I love nearly everything in her portfolio. I’m particularly taken with her floral images. Flowers seem to be a motif that run through much of her work, appearing in everything from personal projects (like her typographic work below) to exhibition pieces and commissioned illustrations.

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Giant’s Causeway Visitor’s Center by Heneghan Peng Architects

Heneghan Peng Architects Giant's Causeway

The timescale of geology is bonkers. For instance, the most popular tourist attraction in Northern Ireland is the result of lava flows that occurred some 60 million years ago. Along the rocky shoreline, tens of thousands of hexagonal basalt columns emerge from the ground and gradually sink into the sea. Now thanks to the folks at Henegan Peng Architects, thousands of stone mullions are rising and sinking into a grassy plain adjacent to this natural wonder. It’s the Giant’s Causeway Visitor’s Centre.

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Tactile Illustration by Katrin Rodegast

Katrin Rodegast paper office

Katrin Rodegast is redefining the worlds of graphic design and illustration. The recent university graduate and former assistant to equally talented tactile artist Sarah Illenberger (she of the wooden hamburgers), has already won numerous design awards thanks to her clever usage of paper as an artistically transformative tool. With an impressive client list that boasts everyone from The New York Times and GQ magazine to Mercedes Benz and Herman Miller, Rodegast’s work stands out for its irreverent take on simple subject matter.

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Top Five From LAIY: Week Of 6.10

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 6.10 1

The FUN One: An Interview With Patti Astor
Patti Astor is the woman behind iconic New York art establishment the FUN Gallery, a late seventies/early eighties hub that helped break the careers of Basquiat, Haring, Futura, Scharf, and many more. What is she up to now? She’s living the dream out at the beach! She’s a total character and has done everything from star in movies to professionally protest to book writing to trailer living.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 6.10 2

Greetings From Utopia!
Adding to the LA canon of “I love this city!” inspired work, artists Jimmy Marble and Amanda Jasnowski teamed up to make a photo series of people painted in brightly colors out in the LA. It’s a mediation on the dreaminess of the city and is so well executed. We wish there were more of these photos!!

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A$AP Rocky’s “Fashion Killa”

A$AP Rocky, photo by Julot Bandit

Say what you will, but nobody in the rap game is gaining more stock per minute than A$AP Rocky. I can’t say he’s the most skilled or even the most dynamic. He may never have the inimitable street poetry of Kendrick Lamar, the flashy boss mentality of Rick Ross, but let’s face it, this cat will work with anybody. From Clams Casino to Big Boi to Skrillex and even working with Adidas, everyone is fair game for Rocky. LongLiveA$AP has been out for six months and it can’t leave the radio. It’s that smooth flow with a screwed voice. Toss in every heavy hitter in the game and the record is an undeniable classic.

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Designed by Apple in California (video)

Designed by Apple in California (video)

With all the hubub and hullabaloo around the release of iOS 7, it’s nice to see something from Apple that’s hard for people to wring their hands over. Titled Intention, the short video (commercial?) visualizes Apple’s beliefs in simple, beautiful ways. I find it inspiring, simple principles that we, as creatives, should strive for when we create. The highlight of the video, with a doubt, is the statement, “there are a thousand no’s for every yes.”

Peter Zumthor Redesigns LACMA As A “Black Flower”

Peter Zumthor's Proposal for LACMA

I haven’t quite known what to think about Peter Zumthor’s proposed overhaul of the LACMA campus, ever since I saw it described as a “black flower.” It confused me. I know black flowers exist, but the architect’s nickname for the project doesn’t help me understand this enormous, amoeba-shaped slab of concrete that the architect has plopped down onto the sunny Los Angeles terrain. And aren’t flowers, even black ones, usually delicate? This project is something much sturdier and larger, and when it’s done, will probably smell a lot more like the neighboring La Brea tar pits than a flower.

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