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Two Large Firms Vie To Redesign The Miami Beach Convention Center

Miami Beach Convention Center Proposal BIG

Miami Beach Convention Center Proposal OMA

When I read the headline “Miami Beach Advisory Board backs Portman-CMC plan to overhaul convention center” I thought the competition was over. The competition is taking place in the middle of Miami Beach, a town about to spend a lot of time and a lot of money to redevelop its convention center. But before breaking ground (or breaking apart the sea of asphalt that surrounds the current convention center) Miami Beach has to pick a plan, and they only have two to choose from. These plans are from OMA and BIG.

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12 Years of DFA: Too Old To Be New, Too New To Be Classic

12 Years of DFA

12 Years of DFA - 2

Too Old To Be New, Too New To Be Classic is the name of a 13-minute documentary about the history of independent record label and production team DFA. Released last month to mark their 12 year anniversary, it’s a fun film which paints a great portrait of one of the decades most iconic labels.

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A Polish Bathroom You’d Want To Spend Time In

Public Toilets in poland by Piotr Musialowski and Lukasz Przybylowicz

I’ve inadvertently been talking about projects this week that have distinct relationships with water; one has been exceedingly photogenic and the other… well… it’s working on it. I happen to like it, but wastewater treatment facilities aren’t for everybody. I’d like to write about how water can shape buildings and also feature a project that isn’t typically glamorous: the lowly public restroom.

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The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Chloe Scheffe

Chloe Sheffe wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Chloe Scheffe

This week’s desktop wallpaper, to me, visually explores two very different things: type and microbes. What happens if you were to combine the two? Well, I think you’d get something like what Chloe Scheffe has created for us. Chloe is a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, and her portfolio of work is quite remarkable, pieces like this and this. Here’s what she said about her wallpaper.

I’m interested in bringing together disperate concepts or aesthetics, and in this case it’s modern colloquial language and Blackletter, which has great historical significance (and is related to my other inspiration—illumination a la Book of Kells). I also love repetition and layering.

I love the idea, even if ti’s not quite her intention, of turning a Blackletter font into something so fragile and minuscule looking. It’s quite the opposite of it’s normal behavior or being. PLus it’s awesome how swirls around with all those little shapes, the piece is almost effervescent.

Be sure to check back every Wednesday for a new wallpaper!

Crazy and Fun Work from Kimiaki Yaegashi

Kimiaki Yaegashi

Based in Tokyo, illustrator and graphic designer Kimiaki Yaegashi is responsible for some of the strangest and craziest images I think I’ve seen all month. Bikini babes, cute pandas and delicious pizza-slices all flood Kimiaki’s imagination and pour into his work! Part sexual-surrealism and part adorable pop-art, these images are fantastic fun!

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Surreal and Childlike Worlds by Artist Sachiko Kanaizumi

Illustration by Sachiko Kanaizumi

It’s hard to give a painting by Sachiko Kanaizumi a quick glance. They’re the type of paintings that beg for long stares and cocked head contemplation as you behold the surreal and whimsical worlds she creates. Fairy girls inhabit a heap of discarded books while bats swarm little ladies bobbing in an unusual stream. Kanaizumi’s work is captivating and mysterious all at once, and so is she.

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Making Clean Water and Compelling Infrastructure: The Newton Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

Ennead Architects Newton Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility

Even without knowing what the typical water treatment facility looks like I’m fairly confident that this one in New York is an outstanding example. The only other water treatment plant I can think of that is worth mentioning is this one in Connecticut designed by Steven Holl. But this isn’t a comparison of the two projects, it’s just nice when infrastructure projects consider what they look like instead of just what they do.

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Wasting Time With Quasimoto’s ‘Yessir Whatever’

Quasimoto's 'Yessir Whatever'

Lord Quas. The Unseen. The Bad Character. More than just Madlib’s alter-ego, Quasimoto is a rap legend. His 2000 debut The Unseen had ridiculous production and some of the funniest one liners this side of Cam’ron. His 2005 release, The Further Adventures of Lord Quas, provided fans with 26+ tracks (and some absolute bangers) to keep fans chomping at the bit. I mean, who doesn’t want to hear a sleazy alien coming down from space to hang with Madlib?

He’s a treasure of Los Angeles. In fact, even the mayor and city counsel gave him official recognition of his talents. The much anticipated, 8-years-in-waiting, Yessir Whatever definitely contains cornerstones of Madlib’s classic L.A. sound.

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‘Kaskaskia’ – Images of Illinois’ First Capital by Ben Geier

Kaskaskia by Ben Geier

Kaskaskia by Ben Geier

Kaskaskia is a small town in Randolph County, Illinois. Back in 1818, when Illinois became the 21st U.S. state, the town served as the state’s capital and during the 18th century its population was roughly around 7,000. Today, it has only 14 residents. Ben Geier has set about documenting this town and his images present a haunting portrait of a town transformed by floods.

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