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Nike x Liberty’s New Pixel Collection

Nike x Liberty Pixel Pack collection

Nike x Liberty Air Max 1 ND Trainers

Nike’s latest collaboration with Liberty of London departs from the usual floral print and enters digital image territory. Entitled the Pixel Pack, the new collection introduces the Virtual Light Liberty print which was culled from screen projections. Inspired by the work of artist Tim Head, the enlarged pixels now adorn four Nike styles too.

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An ‘Elemental’ Print by Joseph Perry

An 'Elemental' Print by Joseph Perry

An 'Elemental' Print by Joseph Perry

Joseph Perry is a London based designer who’s taken the Periodic Table and has tried to give it a new form. The table, first conceived by Dmitri Mendeleev, has had a consistent look since the late 1800’s, but Joseph has broken the harsh grid and splayed it out in a circular form, giving it a futuristic vibe.

Circular interpretation of the classic Periodic Table, 1869. The print was inspired by my love of both crisp, modern infographics and my every-growing collection of vintage science ephemera. The table is designed to be read from the centre outwards in a clockwise rotation whilst still preserving the function of Mendeleev’s original beauty.

I feel like this print satisfies both the designers and scientists out there just the same. You can snag one for yourself by clicking here.

Ornate Paper Sculptures by Helen Musselwhite

Ornate Paper Sculptures by Helen Musselwhite

Currently working and creating in Manchester, Helen Musselwhite is a talented artist who cuts and sculpts paper, transforming hundreds of pieces into intricate works of art. You don’t see a lot of people working primarily in paper, so it’s amazing to see Helen’s dedication to the craft.

I think it’s simply that there’s so much that can be done with it; so many ways to manipulate it. The more I work with paper, the more I find I can do with it. Essentially, it’s as good a medium as you can make it – as good as your own creativity, and that’s a fantastic challenge.

You can see more of her work under the jump.

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Vitra’s Diogene Cabin, Designed by Renzo Piano

Vitra's Diogene Cabin Designed by Renzo Piano

In the past year or so I’ve learned how valuable it can be to get away from it all. Working nonstop can be extremely taxing, so it’s great to be able to go some place where you can relax and not worry about the day-to-day. Vitra recently teamed up with Renzo Piano to create a “place of retreat” called Diogene.

It can serve as a little weekend house, as a “studiolo”, as a small office. It can be placed freely in nature, but also right next to one’s workplace, or even as a simplified version in the middle of an open space office. However, it is also conceivable to erect groups of houses, e.g. as an informal hotel or guest house. Diogene is so small that it functions as the ideal retreat, but purposely does not cater for all needs to the same extent. Communication, for instance, will take place elsewhere – and thus Diogene also invites you to redefine the relationship between the individual and society.

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“Four Eyes” – The Work of M&E

M&E Exhibition Opening

I’m a big fan of the work of Irish/Swedish duo M&E. The pair have been working together for almost 10 years and in that time they’ve produced some really fantastic work ranging from album artwork and music videos (you might recall their amazing Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band’s “Black Egg” video which we featured on the site last September), to art direction, photography & set design. They’ve got a great number of skills and together they’re a wonderful creative talent.

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Space Suit of the Week: Tonight @ Gallery 1988 West, LA

space the galley show

space the galley show

HI LOS ANGELES! What are you doing tonight? Tonight is the opening for SPACE! The Gallery Show – a group art show curated by artist Mike Mitchell at Gallery1988 (West). The event will feature a collection of original artwork at celebrates the past, present and future of man in the universe. The opening is from 7 – 10 pm; for more info you can scope their Facebook page. I wish I was in town to see it myself.

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Top Five From Los Angeles, I’m Yours: Week Of 6.17

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 6.17 1

The Process Of Design: An Interview With Joey Roth
We’ve been fans of the work of designer Joey Roth for years and we were so surprised to hear from him a few years back that he had actually moved to Los Angeles. We were so pleasantly surprised because he’s such a talented, smart guy–and he totally adds to an ongoing tradition of clean, modern design that is often overlooked in Southern California. We caught up with him to chat about his work and to hear what exactly his process of making is.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 6.17 2

James Turrell’s A Retrospective
If you’ve dipped a toe in the recent bubbling jacuzzi that is the art world in America, you will have gotten several splashes from James Turrell who has multiple shows happening concurrently. One of them is an amazing, almost too absorbing retrospective at LACMA. It’s broken into two parts–his past works and recent works–and it is built out on his own terms: you have to reserve a ticket and there are strict maximum capacities of certain pieces. There is one piece that you get to stand on the inside and it feels like you are in the stomach of a beautiful monster: this is the best art show of the year, hands down. While you are there, please stop into the gift shop: we picked out a few things for you.

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Modern Quilts by Hopewell

Hopewell quilts

Hopewell napkins

Steeped in tradition and built by friendship, Hopewell is a new design workshop producing artisan-minded products. Founded by art director Eliza Kenan and fine artist Clair Oswalt, the company takes its name and ethos from the Hopewell Exchange System, a Native American cultural exchange that saw various materials transformed into handmade products that were then traded. Though Kenan and Oswalt have a wide range of handmade experience between them—from painting to woodworking—their first Hopewell offering is centered around quilts.

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Feel like Deepak Chopra – Kanye West’s “Hold My Liquor”

kanye west yeezus

It’s not that Kanye is back. The man hasn’t left since 2004, the year of College Dropout. Wait, that’s not right. Maybe that point was Talib’s classic track “Get By” from 2002. Wait. I think I’m wrong again. We all first met Kanye with “Izzo (H.O.V.A.) in 2001. This is the guy who bragged about doing “five beats a day for three summers.” Since we lost James Brown (RIP) he might be the hardest working man in the business. Because of him, stocks in croissants are up 500%. For real.

It’s not that Kanye’s back. It’s that different attitude, brass bull balls swinging in a brand new style. Audacious, unfiltered, and focused, Yeezus dropped on Tuesday, June 20th.

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A ‘Very Semi Serious’ Cartoonist Film

'Very Semi Serious' film logo

The new documentary Very Semi-Serious gives a rare glimpse behind-the-scenes of the New Yorker, specifically the cartoon department. An active part of the magazine since 1925, the cartoons have come to define the publication with their sardonic wit and wry take on humanity. Filmmaker Leah Wolchok tried to get the documentary project off the ground years ago only to receive a “no” from New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff. But in the last six years, she’s continued her plight taking on producing partner Davina Pardo in the process. They were finally granted access to the magazine’s cartoon department and archives, and editor Bob Mankoff, which is a rarity, and are currently in production to tell the story of legendary cartoonists in the past, present, and future.

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