Owen Gent Illustrates ‘The Balled of Molly Bawn’ in a Beautiful Handbound Book

Molly Bawn by Owen Gent 1

Owen Gent is freelance illustrator based in Cornwall, England. He recently graduated from University College Falmouth and one of his degree show pieces was a beautiful handbound book based on the 16th century Irish folk ballad of Molly Bawn. The ballad tells the tale of a man who goes out hunting for birds and spots something in the bushes. Thinking it’s a swan, he shoots but to his horror discovers that he has killed his true love Molly Bawn.

Molly Bawn by Owen Gent 3

Owne’s illustrations fit this tale perfectly and they really bring the ballad to life. Self-published as a limited edition book of 50 you can can order a copy of it from his online shop here.

More work by Owen can be viewed on his site here.

Molly Bawn by Owen Gent 2

Molly Bawn by Owen Gent 5

Molly Bawn by Owen Gent 4