High Tide: A New Creative Studio

High Tide for Truth and Soul Records

High Tide for Warby Parker

Punctuated by beautiful typography and eye-catching imagery, High Tide is a new creative studio focused on engaging design. Recently launched by art director and illustrator Danny Miller and brand marketer Ariel Stark-Benz, the Manhattan-based studio already counts venerable spectacle company Warby Parker as a client. “We always aim to create work that is unique, simple, timeless, and ideally helps people communicate better with the world,” says Miller. I would argue that simplicity factors into their work too.

“The world is full of people with great ideas,” says Stark-Benz. “These ideas generally don’t come prepackaged with stunning visual language, so we’re here to help create that with them.” While the essence of a creative studio is to insert a design ethos into a client’s needs, there’s something to be said for designers wanting to collaborate closely with their clients too. Miller’s background saw him working with big brands like Toyota, Nike, and Sony while Stark-Benz was involved with the Ace Hotel and The Avant/Garde Diaries, a digital magazine for Mercedes Benz. Together the duo have recently worked on typography, branding, visual identity, album art, t-shirt design, and art direction.

Personally, I love their spare typography. It’s bold yet clean, and they aren’t afraid of using color or pairing simple black and white logos with movement and a sense of playfulness. Their most recent work includes videos and printed materials, which would, hopefully, some day extend into a brick and motar shop. “We are always trying to experiment and push boundaries to create new possibilities within the design world and not limit ourselves to just branding, identity, and art direction,” says Miller. I look forward to seeing what they continue to create. And I hope their artwork for Truth and Soul Records inspires other companies to continue to invest in the dwindling art of album cover design.

High Tide for Nike

High Tide Carousel Cuts

High Tide for Gentleman's Bet

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