‘Kugelwruhme’, a new mix from Robag Wruhme

Robag Wruhme

For the past few months I’ve been obsessed with Robag Wruhme’s 2011 album Thora Vukk, a minimal electronic adventure that’s accompanied me to Iceland and back. Since then I’ve posted a mix he had posted on Soundcloud, and now he has another called Kugelwruhme, which I think is equally as amazing. It’s a mix of new, old, and unreleased tracks – a perfect mix for early morning making or late night writing.

The track list:

Robag Wruhme – “Intro”
Paul Kalkbrenner – “Steinbeisser”
Triola – “Leuchtturm”
Big Zis – “Suure Räge”
Robag Wruhme – “Haftbolle”
Robag Wruhme – “Bierholer”
Robag Wruhme – “Ekksklusiv”
Das Bierben – “Staub”
Robag Wruhme – “Encounters”
Robag Wruhme – “Polch Dutto”
Dntel – “Bright Night”
Benjamin Biolay & Vanessa Paradise – “Profit”
Ada – “Keep Me In Mind”

June 25, 2013 / By