‘Don’t Give Up Japan’ – Colorful, Inspirational Paintings by Izutsu Hiroyuki

Izutsu Hiroyuki

Started as a response to the 2011 T?hoku earthquake and tsunami, artist Izutsu Hiroyuki created Don’t Give Up Japan, a series of paintings that show how beautiful Japan is and to stay positive, even in the darkest times. The paintings capture the beauty of every day life in Japan, like a man sitting with his dog among the cherry blossom trees, or simply watching a cloud, sitting in the middle of a field.

I think it’s awesome that the artist used his talent for painting to try and bring some joy into people’s lives, especially in the face of such a disaster. His last painting in the series was done in May of this year, so perhaps, in his own mind, things are finally getting back to normal?

You can see the full series of paintings by clicking here.

Izutsu Hiroyuki

Izutsu Hiroyuki

Found through Always With Honor

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