National Geographic Turns Their Massive Archive Into A Tumblr

National Geographic Photo Archive

Last week, Bobby tweeted: “‘Remember when images didn’t move?’ – Our grandchildren.” It’s exciting to imagine such a future; one where your grandkids’ friend would reply “What?!” with bewildered astonishment that people ever lived without moving images being the norm. So what does that mean for the billions of still images lying around? Who knows. But before theirs get too dusty, National Geographic is releasing a small trove of previously unpublished still images on a Tumblr simply called Found.

National Geographic Photo Archive

Between the time that Bobby pecked his tweet into (what I’m assuming was) an Apple device and the device sending his tweet to fly around the world-wide web, I was immersed in the static images of yesteryear. And not fake old pictures like the ones you can make using the filters in Instagram or the forthcoming iOS7, but real old ones taken on film; film that will deteriorate into uselessness slower than your iPhone but faster than a JPEG as it bounces through the internet into the future.

June 24, 2013 / By