An ‘Elemental’ Print by Joseph Perry

An 'Elemental' Print by Joseph Perry

An 'Elemental' Print by Joseph Perry

Joseph Perry is a London based designer who’s taken the Periodic Table and has tried to give it a new form. The table, first conceived by Dmitri Mendeleev, has had a consistent look since the late 1800’s, but Joseph has broken the harsh grid and splayed it out in a circular form, giving it a futuristic vibe.

Circular interpretation of the classic Periodic Table, 1869. The print was inspired by my love of both crisp, modern infographics and my every-growing collection of vintage science ephemera. The table is designed to be read from the centre outwards in a clockwise rotation whilst still preserving the function of Mendeleev’s original beauty.

I feel like this print satisfies both the designers and scientists out there just the same. You can snag one for yourself by clicking here.

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