Top Five From Los Angeles, I’m Yours: Week Of 6.17

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 6.17 1

The Process Of Design: An Interview With Joey Roth
We’ve been fans of the work of designer Joey Roth for years and we were so surprised to hear from him a few years back that he had actually moved to Los Angeles. We were so pleasantly surprised because he’s such a talented, smart guy–and he totally adds to an ongoing tradition of clean, modern design that is often overlooked in Southern California. We caught up with him to chat about his work and to hear what exactly his process of making is.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 6.17 2

James Turrell’s A Retrospective
If you’ve dipped a toe in the recent bubbling jacuzzi that is the art world in America, you will have gotten several splashes from James Turrell who has multiple shows happening concurrently. One of them is an amazing, almost too absorbing retrospective at LACMA. It’s broken into two parts–his past works and recent works–and it is built out on his own terms: you have to reserve a ticket and there are strict maximum capacities of certain pieces. There is one piece that you get to stand on the inside and it feels like you are in the stomach of a beautiful monster: this is the best art show of the year, hands down. While you are there, please stop into the gift shop: we picked out a few things for you.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 6.17 3

Beverly Hills 9OH2O
There is such a thing as luxury water–and then there’s Beverly Hills 9OH2O. This is an art deco looking $12 bottle that appears like it could be some fancy vodka but is instead some beefed up basic beverage. There are only 10K bottles made and they’re distributed from said fancy neighborhood. Yes, this is a ridiculous product–but we kind of love it for that.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 6.17 4

James Goldstein’s Crazy, Amazing Home
KPCC’s AudioVision recently explored the home of James Goldstein, a triangular indoor/outdoor space that has appeared in many, many films. It was designed by John Lautner and is a beautiful, serious structure. It’s futuristic and dated, covetable and cringeworthy. It’s certainly a house you have to pay attention to. The photos (by Mae Ryan) are quite nice as well.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 6.17 5

Not A Beat, Not A Scene
Los Angeles has a quickly growing electronic music scene that has grown from the city being so relaxed and drug culture and the rise of technology. We’ve “known” about this scene but didn’t realize how expansive it was until we watched this short documentary explaining the culture. It’s beautifully produced film that explains the history of a scene that has brought about artists like Flying Lotus and Daedalus.

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