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Hopewell quilts

Hopewell napkins

Steeped in tradition and built by friendship, Hopewell is a new design workshop producing artisan-minded products. Founded by art director Eliza Kenan and fine artist Clair Oswalt, the company takes its name and ethos from the Hopewell Exchange System, a Native American cultural exchange that saw various materials transformed into handmade products that were then traded. Though Kenan and Oswalt have a wide range of handmade experience between them—from painting to woodworking—their first Hopewell offering is centered around quilts.

Beautifully designed and intricately constructed, Hopewell’s quilts are made out of cotton and linen, which makes them both soft and machine-washable. Simple yet modern, they’re made up of stripes or graphic patterns that reference Bauhaus artist Josef Albers. The current range offers a variety of colors; some are hemmed in black and white stripes and others incorporate panels of seersucker in the design. Kenan and Oswalt carry this technique over to their A-Line Napkins range, and their Cat Napkins are charmingly genius too. Check out Hopewell’s current collection here.

Hopewell quilts

Hopewell Cat Napkin

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