Wasting Time With Quasimoto’s ‘Yessir Whatever’

Quasimoto's 'Yessir Whatever'

Lord Quas. The Unseen. The Bad Character. More than just Madlib’s alter-ego, Quasimoto is a rap legend. His 2000 debut The Unseen had ridiculous production and some of the funniest one liners this side of Cam’ron. His 2005 release, The Further Adventures of Lord Quas, provided fans with 26+ tracks (and some absolute bangers) to keep fans chomping at the bit. I mean, who doesn’t want to hear a sleazy alien coming down from space to hang with Madlib?

He’s a treasure of Los Angeles. In fact, even the mayor and city counsel gave him official recognition of his talents. The much anticipated, 8-years-in-waiting, Yessir Whatever definitely contains cornerstones of Madlib’s classic L.A. sound.

Maybe it’s the fact these tracks were meant for private consumption, but Yessir Whatever feels more compact and densely wound than either of his earlier records. Though I’d say the album is filled with Madlib’s impeccable production. “Broad Factor” rings as an undoubted banger. “Astronaut,” an early Quasimoto single, feels spacy with its jazz rap and aggressive flow from Quasimoto. “Brothers Can’t See Me,” is almost club-worthy. “Planned Attack” drops bombs and verbal jabs left and right, Quas sparring with anyone who comes his way. “Sparkdala” feels like Madlib’s tribute to all the people who spent time with him along the way. Not truly an album, this collection of rare tracks and outtakes is already one of the best hip hop releases of 2013.

The album is out today, you can buy it here.

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