Tactile Illustration by Katrin Rodegast

Katrin Rodegast paper office

Katrin Rodegast is redefining the worlds of graphic design and illustration. The recent university graduate and former assistant to equally talented tactile artist Sarah Illenberger (she of the wooden hamburgers), has already won numerous design awards thanks to her clever usage of paper as an artistically transformative tool. With an impressive client list that boasts everyone from The New York Times and GQ magazine to Mercedes Benz and Herman Miller, Rodegast’s work stands out for its irreverent take on simple subject matter.

Katrin Rodegast paper illustration

Whether it’s recreating an office space entirely out of paper—squint and you can hardly tell the difference—or crafting colorful scaredy cats, she has a consistently jaw-dropping and whimsical execution that truly stands out.  I particularly love the self-portrait she did for Business Punk magazine that features a cutout of the inner workings of her brain as well as a series of cassette tapes disguised as melting popsicles and boxes of chocolates.

Check out more of her work here.

Katrin Rodegast cassette tapes

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