Synonym: A New Print Journal

Synonym: A New Print Journal

It’s interesting to note that in our current online-based climate—with magazines and newspapers ceding to the web—printed zines seem to be on the rise. As much an enduring act of creation as a symbol of revolt, the zine remains a tactile response to our ever-growing culture of content. Synonym is one such journal. And though it functions as a bi-annual design and culture magazine, it is born out  of a desire to marry both the worlds of web and print under the boundaries of a given theme.

Created by Leigh Patterson and Amelia Giller, Synonym features style, illustration, photography, stories, and interview pieces. The first issue’s theme was ennui and the current issue, out now, is based around the idea of duplicity. Exploring duality and contradictory dimensions, there are interesting features about book translation and what it’s like when your life is seemingly lived and viewed online. Artist Leanne Shapton opens up about her celebrated work which straddles a variety of mediums. And Nico Krijno and Ye Rin Mok offer two very different photo series incorporating food. Though rife with thought-provoking content, their website both honors and expands upon their printed tradition with additional content. Check out more here.

Synonym Journal

Synonym: A New Print Journal

Leanne Shapton for Synonym

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