Studio Swine’s Recycled Innovation

Studio Swine office space

Studio Swine sunglasses

Upon seeing the word swine, one might conjure the image of a pig or boar. But such is not the case with Studio Swine, a London and São Paulo based design studio who use the word to spell out their company’s ethos: Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Exploration.  A collaboration between Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves, the company explores design through innovation to create everything from luxury pieces crafted from waste materials to small offices that maximize space—all built using recycled materials.

Swine Studio’s São Paulo collection uses recycled aluminum to explore 1950’s tropical modernism. Since Brazil is known as the aluminum capital of the world, the duo transformed it via sand casting to create a collection of lounge chairs, cactus coffee tables, and re-blown, recycled beverage bottle lights. You’d never know the pieces were made of aluminum either, as they’ve been manipulated in such a clever, aesthetically-minded way. Many of the duo’s pieces utilize repurposed waste products and offcuts of wood like the reclaimed wood from a high school used to create an office space in London’s Soho neighborhood.

Then there are their sustainable sunglasses made from human hair in response to the booming business of hair extensions and what they can be used for beyond the beauty industry. You’d never know they were crafted using hair, and that is a testament to Studio Swine’s imaginative innovation. It’s inspiring to see a company so design-driven also devote themselves to doing something about our tremendous waste. Check out their current collection of projects here.

Studio Swine Lounge Chair

Studio Swine Standing Lamp

Studio Swine Prism Cabinet

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