“Get Ahead” By Different Sleep

different sleep - get ahead

Different Sleep. A delightfully ambiguous name for a complex project out of Chicago. Known mostly for his work in trance, house, and downtempo, there is something relaxing about Rafa Alvarez’s mellow and hypnotic techniques. Last years Infinite EP displayed how fast he could take speedy house to dreamlike abandon. Since then, fans have had to wait for a new single top drop. Like this one.

Rain falls against a simple melodic pattern. Bass and drums follow like a medicated heart beat. Indeed, “Get Ahead” remains so minimal, reduced to mere elements of sound. But this simplicity is born out of high precision. The oft-repeated verse, “I was only trying to get ahead,” morphs into an ambient pattern. Initially a declaration, the lyrical meaning changes with the second line. “But the spotlight makes you nervous.” Over the fuzzed out, faded chords, it becomes a confession: the song’s ambition for love, lust and sensual pleasure come at some unknown cost. Maybe it’s the passion or its the precision. Bu this is a beautiful, emotive electronic piece that I don’t think anyone should get enough of.

June 12, 2013 / By