Fantastic Food Art by Brock Davis

Brock Davis Noodles on a Plate

Artist and creative director Brock Davis has a charming sense of humor when it comes to his personal work. Though we’re already fans of his affinity for food—like the “Emo Pineapple” wallpaper art he shared earlier this year—as well as his editorial and advertising work, which includes everyone from the New York Times and Wired to Harley-Davidson and Jack Links beef jerky, he also makes time for work that captivates his imagination. And, often, his subjects are food items taken to a whole new level.

Brock Davis Cucumber Killer Whale

Instead of cutting up a cucumber for a salad, for instance, he turned it into a killer whale. Most of his projects seem to be born from wanting to perform an every day life task then having it go somewhere completely different. His son wanted a treehouse, so he built him one—though Davis’s version was a mini treehouse that fit on a stalk of broccoli. He paid homage to Peter Saville’s seminal design for Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures by recreating the album cover on a black dinner plate using spaghetti noodles.

And then there’s his banana peel trucker cap which went viral practically overnight both for its inventiveness and whimsical wink to the hipster. Whether he’s smashing gummy bears to create mini bearskin rugs or recreating Stonehenge with a bunch of broken Rice Krispies, the work of Brock Davis is always engaging and prone to multiple smiles. It’s in keeping with his mantra too: “Make work that people want to talk about and have fun doing it.”

Brock Davis food photography

Brock Davis Banana Peel Trucker Hat and Wasp at the Marshmallow

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