‘Lisboa’ – Illustrations of Portugal by André da Loba

Andre da Loba - Eletrico

Andre da Loba - Principe

After spending much of last year living in Lisbon I’ve developed a great love for the city and so I was quick to fall for these pictures by illustrator André da Loba. Bright and bold, his illustrations are inspired by the Portuguese capital and perfectly capture the spirit of the city. They feature a number of icons and stories from Lisbon including (above) the romantic gardens of Príncipe Real and the iconic yellow trams which rattle through the city’s streets. Whether or not you know anything about Lisbon shouldn’t matter, this series is a wonderful collection of images and a great introduction to André’s work.

Andre da Loba - Barco

Andre da Loba - Santo Antonio

Describing himself as an artist and reluctant poet, André has had his work published and exhibited all around the world. Originally from Portugal, he currently lives and works in Brooklyn as an illustrator, animator, graphic designer, sculptor, and educator. More of his work (including more images from this series) can be viewed on his website here.

Andre da Loba - Cama

Andre da Loba - Tejo

June 10, 2013