‘Stoked and Broke’: A DIY Surf Film

Stoked and Broke

In continuing my fascination with surf films, and in honor of handmade week, I’d love to highlight the DIY cinematic magic of Stoked and Broke, an independent film made for zero dollars. Dubbing it a “staycation surfari epic” by director Cyrus Sutton, the movie follows Sutton and fellow surfer Ryan Burch on a 30 mile foot and surfing journey throughout their hometown of San Diego. Created as a response to the increasingly expensive world of surfing documentaries and to further promote the spirit of independent filmmaking, the duo make their own boards, construct bamboo rickshaws to carry them, and build solar cookers and “hobo stoves” to cook their own food along the way.

All in all, it’s a film full of heart and true DIY spirit that is further highlighted by music from The Blank Tapes and stellar cover artwork by Australian artist Adrian Knott. Presented by the independent surf channel Korduroy, with whom Sutton also works, Stoked and Broke is reaching larger audiences of surfers and enthusiasts in hopes of inspiring others to document their own adventures. And aside from highlighting surf content, the Korduroy channel highlights other independent shows too, including healthy cooking programs and the hand built show “D-I-Why Not?” Check out the trailer for the film below and more of Korduroy’s content here.

June 7, 2013 / By