Handmade Wall Adornment by Chiaozza

Chiaozza A-Frames

Chiaozza Caterpillar A-Frame

To say that Chiaozza (pronounced “chow-za” like “wow-za”) is a design studio would be an understatement. The duo of Terry Chiao and Adam Frezza are more like a creative life force dedicated to handmaking playful shelves, mirrors, and wall objects in addition to their respective art. And, beyond that, their unique “cabin in a loft” home—which they also built themselves—is something of an architectural wonder and real-life landing pad for artistically-inclined travelers to Brooklyn, New York.

The Chiaozza design studio was founded in 2012 as a way to make playful objects in limited edition quantities thereby threading a deeper connection between maker and user. Their A-Frame products are hand-cut and joined pieces of wood (molded together without the use of nails, mind you) crafted with the help of a Japanese hand saw. Though they may be used as a shelf to display objects, they also serve as modern aesthetic adornments.

With Chiao’s architecture training and Frezza’s art background, it’s easy to see how Chiaozza’s projects come together so beautifully. They make everything out of their studio in Bushwick, and recently added A-Frame mirrors and steam bent wood pieces to their repertoire. And beyond all of this, they also work as a collaborative art duo and operate Cabin in a Loft, a freestanding guest house located within their loft apartment. (In a word: awesome.) Check out Chiozza’s online shop here.

Chiaozza Twin Peaks A-Frame

Chiaozza A-Frames