“Somewhere Between Architecture and a Party” – The Work of THiNG THiNG

Thing Thing Making Friends Venice Biennale

Thing Thing is Simon Anton, Rachel Mulder, Thom Moran, Eiji Jimbo

These people certainly look ready to party. But because their work is a bit hard to describe, I’ll use their own words: “Somewhere between architecture and a party, THiNG THiNG designs objects, interiors, events, and maybe food. Bonkers is our aesthetic; we hope you like it.” THiNG THiNG is a collaboration of four designers (Simon Anton, Rachel Mulder, Thom Moran, Eiji Jimbo) who recycle plastic by hand. They then use this recycled plastic to make… things.

The process starts by visiting a recycling plant and collecting suitable plastic stuffs, sorting it all, cleaning it all, and then shredding it all. The group is able to use these shredded bits of laundry detergent bottles to make a wide range of wonky shapes and exuberantly-colored forms. The group says that “Plastics research is our jam.” And that they do their plastic recycling work “by hand to promote an optimistic attitude about what is possible with very little resources.” This may make it a little more clear why one of their works, Rainbro, went on a tour of Detroit to visit abandoned places. The work looks like a large lowercase “n” with feet, but is tall enough to be an arch when standing upright and low enough to be a bench when lying down.

Thing Thing Rainbro

Thing Thing Rainbro

I didn’t even know you could recycle plastic by hand. It looks tedious and messy, but worth it. Who knew you could make so many fantastic and friendly shapes with the small plastic pellets that land in your hand at the end of the recycling process? And for the folks at THiNG THiNG, the pellets are just the beginning of a new life for the plastic that can inhabit the murky territory between architecture and a party.

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