Mixed Media Maidens by Artist Katy Horan

Bereaved by Katy Horan

Portraits by Katy Horan

While most art can be considered handmade, there are certain pieces that beg a closer look at the details. Artist Katy Horan’s mixed media paintings fall into this category. At first glance, one might notice her affinity for regal-looking ladies adorned in antique lace, but upon closer inspection her materials tell an even deeper story.

Horan’s work centers around historical and mythological female characters drawn with the utmost detail utilizing everything from gouache and enamel to tissue paper and string. Inspired by Victorian spinsterhood and Renaissance portraiture, she marries research with an eye for focused details. Her female characters are often adorned in costumes (or made up entirely of a costume) edged in dots, patterns, or florals that sometimes frame a disconcerting countenance. They’re beautiful, arresting, and confounding figures in both execution and scope. And if you happen to be in Austin, Texas, this week you can check them out up close and personal at Spartan Shop.

Departed by Katy Horan

Bereaved by Katy Horan

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