‘Bottled History’ – The Craft of Ships in Bottles

Screengrab from Bottled History

Screengrab from Bottled History

‘Bottled History’ is a short film about Ray Gascoigne, an 85-year-old retired sailor who has been mastering the craft of putting ships in bottles for over 60 years. Created for the Australian magazine Smith Journal, the film was made by the Melbourne-based production studio Commoner Films. It’s really inspiring to see someone continuing to do what they love for such a long period of time.

Ray has been around boats his whole life. First as a shipwright, then as a merchant seaman and now as a model boat builder. It’s an incredibly intricate craft and it’s wonderful to see part of this art captured on film. A step-by-step account of Gascoigne’s process appears as an article in the current volume (volume six) of the Smith Journal.

June 3, 2013 / By