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Top Five From LAIY: Week Of 6.24

Questions With A Visitor: Kenya Hara & Jan-Patrick Schmitzof Of Montblanc

Two crazy Questions With A Visitor happened this week, both of which we did not think we had a chance in hell of booking. One was with famed and acclaimed Japanese designer and architect Kenya Hara about his Architecture fo Dogs show that is currently on view at the Long Beach Museum of Art. The other was with Jan-Patrick Schmitzof, the President of Montblanc, about his involvement with bringing 24 Hour Plays and Urban Arts Partnership to Los Angeles. Both were in town for quick visits and we (Somehow!) had the chance to speak with them about what their thoughts are on the city.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of 6.24 2


There’s a group of students at UCLA who have been producing an arts journal that they’re hoping will bring all the arts together to work together. It’s called GRAPHITE and their most recent issue is just out and is all about movement. There’s a Miranda July interview and some rad artwork–and it’s all done by undergrads. We’re super impressed with this and can’t wait to see more from them.

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Enjoying the Dreamlike Career of Richard Matheson

incredible shrinking man

“In a world of monotonous horror there could be no salvation in wild dreaming.”

Richard Matheson passed away Sunday. We lost a good one. The 1958 Hugo Award winner might be one of the few people in the world to find such success in books, television, and film. At thirty-seven years old he released his first story in the long running Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, he moved to California in 1951 and took to writing short stories and books.

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Jameson First Shot Presents Three Great Shorts Starring Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe Posters

Some of you may recall the excellent Jameson First Shot competition that was launched last year. Created in tandem with Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti’s production team Trigger Street Productions (The Social Network, 21, Fanboys), the project invites budding writer/directors from the US, Russia and South Africa to submit short scripts in the hopes of getting the chance to have their film made.

Last year, each of the winning films starred Kevin Spacey (we loved The Ventriloquist), this year the winners had the opportunity to work with the excellent Willem Dafoe. It’s a great competition and it’s always good to see such inventive and original work in film. My personal favorite is Shirlyn Wong’s Love’s Routine but all three are worth checking out. You can take along below:

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Toby Melville-Brown Makes Real Drawings of Fake Buildings

Toby Melville-Brown

To finish the week, how about some lovely drawings by Toby Melville-Brown? These drawings of fictional towers are as absurd (and almost as detailed) as the room with 80 million surfaces, only realized in a way almost as slowly as an actual building project. He drew them by hand. It takes a level of skill and patience I can only imagine. Happily, the results of all his work are amusing drawings when seen at a distance, but infinitely rewarding as you lean in toward the details. His drawings make me wish I had opted for the retina display. You can see more under the jump.

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Vibrant Geometric Illustrations by Giacomo Bagnara

Giacomo Bagnara

Giacomo Bagnara

I wouldn’t have immediately guessed that Italian illustrator Giacomo Bagnara has a background in architecture. His bright and playful style, however, has a geometric and structural sensibility that suggests an awareness of pieces coming together to form a whole, and enough architectural references that it starts to make sense.

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Summer Reads: Perfect Books & Secret Agents

A Selection of Summer Reads - Photo Philip Kennedy

This week on The Fox Is Black the writers are all suggesting summer reads. I’m sure you have an idea of the type of book we’re talking about. They’re those sorts of titles that make your summer great. They’re the page turners that leave a lasting impression on you and make the season so much better.

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High Tide: A New Creative Studio

High Tide for Truth and Soul Records

High Tide for Warby Parker

Punctuated by beautiful typography and eye-catching imagery, High Tide is a new creative studio focused on engaging design. Recently launched by art director and illustrator Danny Miller and brand marketer Ariel Stark-Benz, the Manhattan-based studio already counts venerable spectacle company Warby Parker as a client. “We always aim to create work that is unique, simple, timeless, and ideally helps people communicate better with the world,” says Miller. I would argue that simplicity factors into their work too.

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‘Ender’s Game’ Cover by Sam Weber

'Ender's Game' Cover by Sam Weber

It’s felt like, in the last 10 years or so, that we’ve seen a renaissance in book cover design. You can easily blame the rise of electronic books for this shift. The print medium is on a decline so it’s important that a book on a bookshelf looks it’s absolutely finest to grab our always distracted attention. A perfect example of this is Sam Weber’s cover for Tor’s version of Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game.

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