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Isn’t It Femmantic? – A Film Review of ‘Frances Ha’

Frances Ha poster Noah Baumbach

I have a problem with the word platonic. It defines something that is way more interesting than what it seems to be. Male friendships have now become widely accepted as a ‘Bromances’, yet the bond between females, equally as deep and meaningful, is stuck being defined by the old lifeless descriptor, platonic. A non-sexual love. Snoozer. I’m hoping Greta Gerwig, the lead in Noah Baumbach’s newest film Frances Ha, will be remembered as the femme that helped shed platonic from its drab and stuffy skin. Be it, ‘Femships’ or ‘Bromances’, Frances Ha, actualizes what every woman feels inside for her best friend, love in its lightest form.

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Illustrative Characters by Shen Plum

Shen Plum ghosts

Shen Plum illustration

It’s always fun to get sucked down the internet rabbit hole and led somewhere unexpected. While tooling around Etsy, I came across a store called Tiny Crystals which was selling hand-painted necklaces and journals with fantastic illustrations by Toronto-based artist Shen Plum. I was then led to her prolific online journal only to discover a world inhabited by vampire girls, ghost gangs, and skateboarding rabbits.

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The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Frank Svengsouk

Frank Svengsouk wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Frank Svengsouk

You may not have heard of Frank Svengsouk, but he’s one of the most talented guys I know. By day he works as an art director with me at Disney, creating beautiful, award winning websites that’ll knock your socks. He’s also a super talented artist as well though, dabbling in both digital and traditional mediums. Recently, Frank had a residency at the Wonderground Gallery in Downtown Disney where he debuted an epic series of pieces which he dubbed the Astro Zodiac Force.

The series takes all of the animals of the zodiac and outfits them in space suits, showcasing them adventuring across the cosmos. I loved what Frank did so much that I asked if he’d be interested in bringing the Force to the site, so he’s graced us with the luckiest member, the Rabbit. You can see the full range of animals over on Society 6, where prints of all sizes are available as well. And if you happen to be at Disneyland, Frank’s work will be on display at the Wonderground Gallery until the June 14.

A New Identity for the Whitney Museum of American Art by Experimental Jetset

A New Identity for the Whitney Museum of American Art by Experimental Jetset

Can the identity of a museum be a piece of conceptual art itself? That seems to be the road that Experimental Jetset has taken with the design system they’ve created for the Whitney Museum of American Art. In 2015, the Whitney will be moving to a beautiful new building which is bordered by The High Line on one side and the Hudson Riveer on the other. Designed by Renzo Piano, it’s a big step for the museum, and thus, a new identity was crafted for the monumental occasion.

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MoMA’s New Destination NYC Products

MoMa Destination NYC

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMA) is getting into the ICFF spirit by unveiling a new collection of products. “Destination NYC” is designed by new and established designers working within all five NYC boroughs, and all products are made and manufactured in the USA. They run the gamut, too, with everything from pop stools and Confettisystem party decorations to some seriously beautiful new accessory pieces.

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Alla Kinda Dream Up A Sweet Animation in ‘Manolito’s Dream’

Manolitos Dream by Alla Kinda - Screengrab

Manolito’s Dream is a really sweet animation from Alla Kinda. Telling the story of Manolito, the film brings us on a journey through his subconscious as he stays slumped in the deepest of slumbers. It’s a wonderfully charming piece and it’s filled with great character design, a wonderful sense of rhythm, and a fantastic original score by Josep M. Baldomà.

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