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MoMA’s New Destination NYC Products

MoMa Destination NYC

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMA) is getting into the ICFF spirit by unveiling a new collection of products. “Destination NYC” is designed by new and established designers working within all five NYC boroughs, and all products are made and manufactured in the USA. They run the gamut, too, with everything from pop stools and Confettisystem party decorations to some seriously beautiful new accessory pieces.

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Alla Kinda Dream Up A Sweet Animation in ‘Manolito’s Dream’

Manolitos Dream by Alla Kinda - Screengrab

Manolito’s Dream is a really sweet animation from Alla Kinda. Telling the story of Manolito, the film brings us on a journey through his subconscious as he stays slumped in the deepest of slumbers. It’s a wonderfully charming piece and it’s filled with great character design, a wonderful sense of rhythm, and a fantastic original score by Josep M. Baldomà.

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Seth Godin at Creative Mornings

“There’s no room to be the next Seth Godin, cuz’ I’m still here for now. So you need to be the next whatever your name is. The first one.”

Seth Godin is a really smart guy, and if you’re not familiar with him you should read his blog. Just about a week ago the folks at Creative Mornings put Seth’s recent talk at CM New York online, dropping a whole lot of knowledge bombs on the crowd, and in turn, the Internet at large. If you’re a creative individual, watch this and soak it all in.

“Don’t Swallow the Cap”, a new song by The National

The National

Today saw the release of the newest album from Brooklyn based band The National, titled Trouble Will Find Me. I haven’t heard the album yet (they didn’t option it to Rdio, I guess) but I am enjoying the song I’ve posted above called “Don’t Swallow the Cap”. As you may have gleaned from the title the song, I believe, is about struggling with addiction. What I find funny is that every National song I hear seems so “pretty” and melodic, so you’ve got this song about a pretty serious subject that’s done so beautifully. That’s the joy of The National though and why they’re one of the best bands out there right now.

Life for ‘A Band Called Death’

A Band Called Death

It’s summer blockbuster movie season, but for those of us interested in eschewing loud spectacles in favor of the smaller cinematic wonders, I’d like to recommend A Band Called Death for the top of your must-see list. In theaters on June 28, but available via iTunes VOD on May 24, the documentary tells the story of three teenage brothers—Bobby, David, and Dannis Hackney—from Detroit, Michigan, making punk rock before there was definable punk in the USA. Not only was this trio of misfits making killer original music at a time when disco and Motown were each having their respective moments, they were blasting the typical labels placed on artists at that time. And even though they disbanded before finishing their first album, going so far as to lock up their master tapes in an attic, they have since gone on to acquire the most unique semi-posthumous fame.

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Ikimono Architects and the Aberrant Ground

Ikimono Architects Model Eats Ground Project

This weekend, I kind of stumbled into a rabbit hole of Japanese architecture. Or maybe it’s more like an ant farm? It started when I wanted to see what Jun Aoki was up to, and ended when I found these incredible models by Ikimono Architects. Honestly, I’m not even sure how I arrived at the firm’s website; between Jun Aoki and Ikimono Architects, it’s all a blur of white spaces and asymmetrical windows.

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Emmanuelle Walker Celebrates ‘Dogs and Cars’ With a Fantastic Illustration

Emmanuelle Walker - Dog Car

Emmanuelle Walker - Dog Car

Emmanuelle Walker - Dog Car

Lately I’ve been loving the work of Emmanuelle Walker’s. I discovered her while flicking through the recent Nobrow 8 (more details here) and was instantly taken with her style of illustration. Originally from Montreal, Emmanuelle currently lives in London where she works as an animation director and illustrator.

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Levi’s x Liberty: A Flowing Floral Pattern Paired With Denim

Levi's x Liberty London Collaboration

I’m a sucker for a good pattern, and Liberty of London, who’s teamed up with Levi’s, has killed it with this new pattern design for their collaboration collection. The pattern was inspired by a piece by Liberty from the 70’s, recreated with watercolor pencils and set into a repeat pattern that adorns some of Levi’s classic silhouettes.

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‘Optical Ripple’ Print by Simon C. Page

Optical Ripple Print by Simon C. Page

I’ve got to hand it to Simon C. Page, the man knows how to make some phenomenal, mind-bending patterns. If you’re unfamiliar with his name I can assure you that you’ve probably seen his work before. He creates these fantastic pieces which seem math-like in their nature, filled with intricate line work and mind-bending optical illusions. His most recent print, Optical Ripple, may be his most intriguing piece yet.

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The Real Buzz Lightyear by Dan LuVisi

The Real Buzz Lightyear by Dan LuVisi

I don’t often post “real versions of cartoon characters” on the site, but when I saw Dan LuVisi’s interpretation of Buzz Lightyear I knew I had to. This illustration is a part of a series Dan is working on called Popped Culture where he skews popular characters, making them a bit more intense in the process. I think Dan’s take on Buzz is super cool looking, like if he fought alongside the characters from Gears of War. Could you imagine that crossover!?